from VCC to Aiolos Cycling Team

Ventouza CC in the last 3 years since it's establishment, has been notorious for it's sluggishly slow rides and extra long coffee breaks !
However, we managed to "bring in" one cyclist athlete: our friend and ride companion Rynoventoux joined Aiolos Cycling Team and will be riding in men's division for the Greek National Championship this year !
We wish you all the best Nick !
                                              Rynoventoux (first from left) pushing hard!
                                                    climbs are our guy's speciality!
                             Rynoventoux (first from the right) with his Aiolos team-mates

photos by: Nassos Triantafyllou from Aiolos-Cycling-Team-facebook

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Rynoventoux said...

Thanks a lot Χάρη!!

Ήταν μια δύσκολη μέρα η συγκεκριμένη...