Happy Cycling 2011


Parnitha climb, 19 Dec. '10

started with great enthusiasm ...
uniformed ...
finding snow and frost as climbing higher ...
with our new official Club outfit ...
VCC at the top of Mont Parnitha (1.340 m)
up & down Mont Parnitha


Club mtb: Kona Cinder Cone

the "bravebike"


Parnitha mtb snow epic

first day of snow, 12/12/2010
the mantilla ventouza man
"bravenick", smiling casually in the snow
only few brave men ...
... and brave bikes ...


apparel lust: Rapha's winter cycling jersey

VCC "official" winter outfit ...
from Rapha


Club mtb: Cannondale Rush SL


Ymittos climb, 28/11/10

Imittos climb elevation profile source: www.climbbybike.com


Mt Parnitha ride

Athens - Varimpompi - Katsimidi - Kiourka - Varimpompi - Athens
V for Ventouza !!!
ghost riders ...
Coast to Coast ? hmmm ...
mind the scorpion !
Three Stooges ...


Club bikes: Kona Zing Deluxe

Customized and tuned by giorgos


Velib': bicycle freedom in Paris

Vélib' (French: vélo libre or vélo liberté, English: free bicycle or bicycle freedom).         A big success story since July 2007. Now grown to 17.000 bicycles in 1.200 bike stations, roughly one station every 300 metres throughout the city centre. It's the
largest system of its kind in the world.

Velib' station
happy Velibista !
bonjour les garçons !
photos by: Photographer


Athens Gentlemen's Ride photo story

Athens 2010 Gentlemen's Ride: Poor organization, but perfect weather !

something to bite ...
mad dog ...
ladies as well...
Nick, the "happy camper" and his mtb
Giorgos, VCC's "heart & soul", always faithful ...


Wool is back !!!

Viva Merino !!!
(Nova magazine, august 1971)
source: betterneverthanlate.blogspot.com


Ymittos climb

31/10/2010 Ymittos ascent.
Glorious sunny day, 35 km ride, 950 m climb.

Club bikes: Colnago Ace Athena 2010

Groupset: Campagnolo Athena 2010
Supplied & customized by: Just Ride bikes


Club bikes: Bianchi Infinito Athena 2011

Groupset: Campagnolo Athena 2011, wheels: Campagnolo Zonda
Supplied and customized by:  The Bike Shop
Technical support & tuning by:  Frederik bikes (many thanks, Fred !)