celeste ... kai patheste !

a wonderful ride to Marathon lake, with 40 degrees Celsius, under a merciless sun...
we found shelter under a "thick" shade ...
what were we thinking to take the long way back ?
let me hide in the shade ...
B-i-a-n-c-h-i ...
L'artiste Monsieur le Rynoventoux !
 photos by: rynoventoux


Europcar's "secret training" for TdF

our ... sources "spotted" (?) Europcar super-star Thomas Voeckler (?) secretly training hard on his Colnago under the harsh sun for the upcoming TdF, climbing "Col de Katsimidi" towards luc Beletsi...
and we have pictures to prove it! (...or maybe not?)

photos by: rynoventoux


VCC in Chalkida

On Sunday the 3rd of June, while the a-mature veteran did his cyclo-yoga rides in Paros - and several other members did their "dolce vita"... -  the VCC "pro" squad concluded the epic 170 K round trip to Chalkida!  The ride started with a climb to Katsimidi...
 in the magic forest ...
 Fred was again our guest star for the first part of the ride
 happy bikes by Beletsi lake
crossing the bridge to Chalkida

shoooot meee !
photos by: rynoventoux


and the winner is ...

εμείς πάντως, (παρά τα μεγάλα ποσοστά της αποχής...) βγάλαμε πλειοψηφία από την 1η Κυριακή ...
Τελικά αποτελέσματα, συνυπολογίζοντας και την ψήφο του κοινού:

Νο5: 13 points
2η Νο 1: 11 points
3η Νο 7: 10 points

please, a round of applause for our winner, jersey No 5, "Paschalia Black"
(designed by Giorgos)


CycloYoga in Paros

well, this 3 day package in Paros had something for everyone: Yogaphoria Detox Retreat for my girl and 12 other yogis,
and 130km of Cyclophoria for me and my trusty old GT Zaskar mtb:
the zaskar against a tavern wall at Marpissa
"la mirage" at Santa Maria ...
aboard the ferry to Antiparos
& Santa Maria-Marpissa-Naoussa-St Maria

Cyclo-phoria rides: Santa Maria-Antiparos-Santa Maria

photos by: Photographer