Ymittos climb

the two Bianchisti were the only club members active this Sunday... A great climb to Ymittos (that was closed to motor vehicle traffic!) was our generous reward...

on the ascent
happy climber
selfy at the top
the decent - a great photo by Alex !!!
photos by: AlexPan & Tacxman


climbing Mystras...

... on a warm Saturday morning, away from big city traffic, was a "divine gift" for me this weekend. I was riding solo, had good legs, and all I could hear was my heavy breathing, the bike chain rattle and water running from the mountain brooks... At some point around the middle of the climb, I sensed a car following me and, while moving to the right to let them pass, I heard the cheerful calls of Pavlos and Eleni. Pavlos Pavlidis is a dear friend and a stunning photographer and he didn't miss the chance to take some snaps. Thanks, Pavlos!
photos by: Pavlos Pavlidis


BikeNature & VCC @ Flamme Rouge

our BikeNature friends organized a wonderful evening with drinks & chat at the very new hot & cozy cycle cafe of Athens, the Flamme Rouge in Gazi.
the Flamme Rouge
nice cycle details in the decoration

water tab !
vintage on the ceiling
Britt table
nice Tee's, guys!
Ilias and Yannis from BikeNature with FlammeRouge co-owner, wonderful host and, of course mtb Greek National Champion, Vaso Lazopoulou


wannabes II

the ... "dynamic duo", a.k.a. Sep-Thor pushing hard, after a coffeebreak and sunbathing overdose....
photos by: AlexPan