Mystras, Εaster 2014
photo by: Tacxman


VCC at "Attica 3 Races" Acropolis-Sounion

It was a great sunny Sunday (despite the pessimistic weather forecast...) and a spectacular 70km race from Acropolis to Sounion, joined by 250 riders. The cheerful atmosphere at the start area was boosted by the Athens Municipality Philharmonic "fanfaring" the theme from "Rocky Balboa" (ta-ra-raaan, ta-ra-raaan, ... Pat-ti-staaas...;-) 
at the start area in Acropolis Museum with B. Malissianos

 after finishing in Sounion

with Rynoventoux who did the impressive 1:40:18 !!!

the machines did their part flawlessly...
 Elina on the podium !!!